Questions about Chiptwister?

The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Where is Chiptwister located?

The head office of Chiptwister is in Zutphen, The Netherlands.

What is the mission statement of the company?

“To satisfy the appetite through a distinctive and complete dining experience.”

Is the Chiptwister healthy?

Since the Chiptwister is made fresh and only baked once, important nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants and fibers are better conserved than in other snacks. In addition the Chiptwister is also nuts and gluten free. 

How can I make sure that Chiptwister sponsors or donates my non-profit event?

Some of our previous activities have been in the form of brand sponsorship, such as providing catering facilities on locations for fundraising events.

If you want us to consider your initiative for a donation or sponsorship, send your proposal to We are pleased to receive many of these proposals, but please note that we cannot consider them all . We will consider your request within four to six weeks.

I have a question about my invoice. Who should I contact?

For all questions about billing and running contracts please contact our Administration via phone number +31 (0)6 12 66 71 34 or +31 (0)6 50 80 21 12  or e-mail

I am interested in ownership of a Chiptwister franchise. How can I get more information?

We have a special section on this site where more information about franchising is given. This information can be found  here.  

What is the technology behind the Chiptwister?

We have two internationally patented special purpose machines. You can contact our Franchise department for further information via phone number +31 (0)6 12 66 71 34 or +31 (0)6 50 80 21 12 .  

How do I order ingredients and materials?

As part of the franchise agreement, it is necessary to prove that the right ingredients and materials are locally present. In addition, we have compiled a list of preferred suppliers and manufacturers for some regions and area’s that can deliver for Chiptwister-suitable potatoes, oil, bamboesticks and napkins.  

I have a communication idea, how can I submit it?

On our consumer channel, we show our promotions. If you have an idea please contact us.  

What is the prize of a Chiptwister?

The prize of a Chiptwister varies depending on location and market. The recommended retail prize per piece is between €2,50 and €2,95.  

What are Chiptwister's advertising activities?

Chiptwister is often present in locations with a large crowd of people. Many people discover Chiptwister due to the high brand presence in these locations. The relationship between the brand and the consumer is maintained by activities on the chiptwister consumer website: 

How does Chiptwister regulate its proper waste management?

The individual theme park locations arrange their waste management. We explore with them the current sustainability processes and apply continuous improvements. Chiptwister has relatively little waste because it’s not served in plastic containers. 

What is Chiptwister's policy for recycling?

For our activities in the Netherlands we are currently working together with the theme parks to ensure that appropriate recycling procedures by the end of 2015 have been introduced.  

Where do the ingredients come from?

All our ingredients are from Dutch soil.  

How do I contact Chiptwister?

We would like to hear your thoughts and ideas. By telephone +31 (0)6 12 66 71 34 or +31 (0)6 50 80 21 12 . Or by e-mail: